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To assist people in becoming aware of the physical and emotional needs of their dogs and how these needs relate to their own. To educate dog owners on creating a lifestyle, through training to meet these needs.

KETCH's classes and activities are dedicated to providing leadership and resources to dog owners choosing to develop a lifetime love and trust with their dog.


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PawprintKETCH offers Doggie Day Care, Overnight Dog Care, Obedience Training. Dog Sports: Agility, Flyball, and Competition Obedience classes. Herding lessons, Freestyle, Tricks, and seminars in all dog related sports.

PawprintPrivate lessons are available to accommodate your schedule or for specialized training. Work one on one with an experienced instructor. Work on whatever you want, such as behavior modification of unwanted behaviors.

PawprintKETCH is located in Tampa, Florida and our complex arena is 200 by 120 feet under cover on packed dirt. CSC also offers RV accommodations. The ten-acre Canine Sports Complex is located just 10 miles north of Tampa International Airport at 7709 Gardner Road (off Sheldon Rd) in Tampa, Florida.


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Monday, 12/26
6am-8:30 pm

Tuesday, 12/27 through Friday, 12/30
Special hours open for daycare and sleepover only:
6am-10am or 3pm-7pm Dogs will have their normal schedule. Regular hours resume after January 1st!

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